Meet the Photographer

Hello! If you’ve already read the ‘About Me’ section then you already know I’m Elizabeth K. The person behind the lens of Elizabeth K Photography. I am a wife, and mom of two boys. I used to work full time at a 8-4 job and have recently decided to pursue my photography business full time! I really loved my prior job but I felt life was passing me by and I needed to put my focus more on my family and small business. I am super excited about this decision and even more excited to get to spend more time with my boys. Most of my days and nights involve the wheels constantly turning in my mind. I’m always creating and finding new ideas for my next session! When I’m not thinking about that, the other half of my mind is thinking up the next thing to teach or make as an activity with my kids, I am the planner in our family- whether it’s for big events, appts., or family outings, I’m the one who seeks adventure and a new experience! I love to travel and have passed that on to my children. My all time favorite chill kind of night is staying in, spreading out all the warm blankets in the middle of our living room floor, staying warm by the fire, eating pizza or popcorn, and watching movies! I seriously love that kind of stuff especially during the Winter when it’s the coldest time of the year!


As far as my business - I keep things professional at all times and my favorite kind of sessions are the lifestyle family sessions. I love the unposed, natural moments. I guess I would say this is my favorite mainly because I wish I could catch these moments for myself. I’m the one behind the camera so I never get these natural moments for myself, so the next best thing is to catch these moments for my clients. It’s super easy to pose your family and hit that remote button but to get those raw and real moments. That’s the ones I love to look back on and live in that moment again.

“Catching a sweet moment here of these four cousins playing and twirling around together not paying attention to the camera.”

“Catching a sweet moment here of these four cousins playing and twirling around together not paying attention to the camera.”

I have a lot to share about me but going to keep this first blog short and sweet. You will find more out about me as you follow my blog. I plan to post after each session and to also share my own experiences and memories along the way. Below is a sweet photo of my boys and then my family together. My whole purpose for doing what I do is not only for them but for the love and true passion I have for taking photos for others. Giving the gift of freezing that moment in time. Newborn, Children, Family, Engagements, Weddings, Maternity, and Special Occasions (Gender Reveals, Smash Cake - First Birthday, any birthday, and parties) - these are all memories I treasure myself so that is why I think it’s important to offer to my clients. Thanks for reading this and getting to know me a little bit more. I look forward to working with each of you in the future.

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